Selecting Your Builder


3 Things Your Custom Home Builder Should Know and Do

As part of our ongoing series to help you select the right builder for your luxury
how to locate a reputable builder

How to Locate a Reputable Builder

When you begin the custom home building process, obviously the most important selection you will make
custom home builder warranties

What You Need to Know About Builder Warranties

When evaluating potential builders to build your custom home, it is important to understand a little
questions to ask builder references

Questions to Ask Builder References

When you decide to build a custom home, choosing your builder is the most important decision

Your Luxury Custom Home Builder Should Excel At This!

As part of our ongoing series to help you select the right builder for your luxury

7 Questions to Ask Before You Select A Luxury Home Builder

Building a custom luxury home is an accomplishment that, for many families, represents a particular lifestyle,
best custom home builder client testimonial maryland

Your Builder’s Business Model Matters

Selecting the right builder is extremely important. There are far too many stories where the decision
mueller homes construction design team

What Type of Home Builder Do You Need?

What type of home builder do you need?  It’s hard not to answer this question with
Mueller Featured in Real Estate Bees as Industry Expert

Questions to Ask a Potential Custom Home Builder

In a recent interview, Paul Mueller, Jr, President of Mueller Homes, contributed his thoughts on the

Builder & Architect Collaboration

Collaboration is defined as, “the action of working with someone to produce or create something.”  When
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