What Type of Home Builder Do You Need?

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What Type of Home Builder Do You Need?

What type of home builder do you need?  It’s hard not to answer this question with another question. What type of home do you want to build?  It is essential to understand some basic terms and concepts, when it comes to beginning the process of building a home. This will help ensure your expectations and budget are met in the most effective and efficient way possible.  It will also help you choose the process and builder that is best for you and your budget.

Home builders fall into several classifications, and we’ve outlined them for you here. As you read, think about the type of home you’d like to build. This information should help you answer the question about what type of home builder do you need?  Armed with this information, you can choose the type of builder that’s just right for you!

Types of Home Builders

Production Builder

A production home builder provides a large volume of housing to serve the masses. These types of homes typically include houses, townhomes, condominiums, etc. Production builders build the
same homes over and over again with ‘stock’ plans and minimal, if any, customization. These homes are generally the most affordable because the builder can buy land, supplies, and materials in bulk and move buyers through a very structured regimented process. A production builder is focused on the assembly line process and quality is generally adequate.

Semi-Custom Home Builder

A semi-custom home builder typically utilizes several standard home designs but may provide the home buyer with some flexibility and options for selections. An architect generally is not involved in semi-custom home building, and the home buyer’s design and selection variables may be limited. This option is more affordable for many homeowners who are seeking something a little more unique than production, but at a lower cost and quality than custom home building. Most semi-custom builders do not have the capabilities, processes, or expertise to execute above-average levels of quality, but the homes they build can often be quite beautiful and more economical than a custom builder.

Custom Home Builder

Over the years, the term “custom home” has been over-used to describe a wide variety of home building styles, quality, and features. This spectrum and variation of definitions include Production builders that have ‘custom’ departments, smaller builders who are actually operating a semi-custom model, and the truly custom home builder. Keep in mind that building a “truly custom home” requires a different process and approach. It is not merely a matter of incorporating custom materials or finishes – it requires a complete skillset and comprehensive oversight and procedures.  However, many Production and Semi-custom home builders have found that the term ‘custom’ can warrant significant price increases – so buyer beware. A genuine ‘custom’ home builder is one who has the processes and expertise to execute every design, element, and detail to meet the clients’ exact needs. Every aspect of the building process is unique, and the design, selection, and execution are critical to the end result and experience.

Luxury, Handcrafted, Fine Home Builders

These terms are often used interchangeably to describe a high level of quality and customization, refined process, and a superior execution level that one expects from a one-of-a-kind luxury builder. These builders typically possess the experience, well-defined processes, and staff necessary to execute the highest level of quality, materials, and craftsmanship. These builders usually work collaboratively with the architect to create a masterpiece the client will treasure.

At Mueller Homes, we stand behind our reputation as an outstanding luxury custom home builder.  We belong to industry associations like the NAHB and the MBIA, which uphold industry standards and best practices.  We believe that an educated consumer will make the best decision. Our goal is that, armed with this information and knowledge you will be able to make wise decisions that provide an experience that you fondly reflect on for years to come. In our ongoing blog series, we’ll continue to provide you insight and experience we’ve gathered from over 40 years of experience. Stay tuned!

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