3 Things Your Custom Home Builder Should Know and Do


3 Things Your Custom Home Builder Should Know and Do

As part of our ongoing series to help you select the right builder for your luxury custom home project, we’ve recently evaluated some of the common things your custom luxury home builder should have. After all, building a luxury custom home requires knowledge and ability to provide features and design elements not typically provided by production builders or even semi-custom home builders. In this article, we provide 3 things your custom home builder should know and do and these are the areas where a luxury custom home builder should excel.

At the end of the day, the home building experience and the entire customer experience is largely based on the builder’s capabilities in these core areas. Be thorough in your evaluation. There are far too many stories of homeowners who ‘wished’ they had more thoroughly evaluated their builder or decided on these factors, rather than price alone. Consider these factors:

Staffing, Skillset, and Bandwidth

  1. The capabilities and business model of the builder will heavily influence the type of client experience you receive.
  2. Do they have the human resources, equipment, and capital to manage multiple projects?
  3. Do they provide extensive oversight for project management?
  4. Do they employ Master Carpenter vs. Junior Carpenter or do they have any carpenters on staff?
  5. Client Concierge – do they provide concierge services, someone working side-by-side with the client throughout each phase of the project to enhance selections, stay on schedule, and coordinate meetings and showroom visits.
  6. Wood Shop – do they have in-house fabrication or outsource?
  7. Do they have in-house or sub-contracted workers, and how long have these relationships been established?
  8. Are their sub-contractors reliable?

Permitting and Site Preparation

A qualified builder will be well-versed in the residential construction permitting requirements for the jurisdiction you are looking to build. Areas like waterfront properties, forest preservation areas, and areas designated for controlled growth require in-depth knowledge and can be associated with considerable fees or lengthy processes. These should be discussed at the outset of the process to ensure your builder has the experience and expertise to guide you on this journey.

Collaborative Approach

For luxury custom homes in particular, is your builder adept at working collaboratively with multiple professionals such as the Architect, Interior Designer, and Landscape Architect to ensure that your
vision is carried out?  This long-term relationship between you and your home builder will begin with the design and estimation, which can take many months to finalize. Construction can be from six to twenty-four months, or longer, depending on the scope and type of home being built.

After the keys to your custom luxury home are handed over, there will likely be additional information exchanged between you and the home builder for many years to come with regards to warranties, vendors, and subcontractors. So, make your builder selection with a focus on the long-term relationship and you’ll have a chance for a much better overall experience.

While there are many factors you should use in selecting the right builder for you, these 3 Things Your Custom Home Builder Should Know and Do are a good place to start!

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