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Our Process

Architect Collaboration

We sincerely believe that genuine collaboration between an architect, a builder, and a homeowner is the best way to create a memorable and rewarding experience!  You don’t have to look far to read horror stories about construction projects gone wrong.   The ultimate goal of builder and architect collaboration is to:

  • Create a memorable experience.
  • Avoid designing a home that is beyond your means or budget.
  • Allow the architect and builder to collaboratively value-engineer the project, during the design phase
  • Encourage an exchange of meaningful ideas and expertise
  • Provide clients with a collaborative solutions-oriented approach.

Which Architect Should You Choose?

When you are beginning the design phase of your custom home build, you'll want to select an architect who can work with your builder to create a design that captures your vision and works within your budget. We provide you with some questions you may want to ask a potential architect before making a selection. Remember, Mueller Homes works collaboratively with architects and can even provide recommendations for architects to consider, based on your desired goals.

It’s Not a Chicken or Egg Scenario

It doesn’t really matter whether you select the builder or architect first, so long as you select an architect and builder that will work together collaboratively.  We believe that it is important to make these selections early in the design process.  Some homeowners select a builder before they meet with the architect, while others select an architect who can help them select a builder.  There is no inherently right or wrong way to proceed, but we strongly recommend that the builder and architect be introduced early on and collaborate throughout the entire design process.

The most important point to remember is that your architect is generally responsible for the design and structural elements of the home while the builder is primarily responsible for ensuring that the concept can be built within the budget desired.  This collaboration is the key keeping the project within your budget and on-schedule. 

When interviewing your builder, ask them about the homes that they have worked on collaboratively, with an architect.  Then, ask to speak with that architect about the builder’s processes, craftsmanship, and accommodations for design.  Ask your builder which architects they would recommend for your project.  Likewise, when interviewing an architect, be sure to ask them about builders with whom they have worked collaboratively.  Then, ask the builder if the architect’s design concepts were efficient and realistic for the client’s budgets and design concepts.   Use the free checklists for sample questions you can ask the builder or architect before you make your selection.

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Be sure that your builder and architect are committed to a collaborative working relationship because this will have a great impact on your overall custom home building experience. 

Over the past 30 years, we have found, overwhelmingly, that the collaborative approach during the design phase, provides varied and necessary input, experience, and ideas from both the builder and architect.  It is through this collaboration that we can create a well-designed home that is quality crafted to meet your lifestyle and desired budget. Most importantly, it creates a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

We are a proud member of the American Institute of Architecture – Chesapeake Bay chapter and are happy to provide a list of architects that we collaborate with regularly or can work with an architect you prefer.