Design & Construction Process

Our Process

Design & Construction Process

Mueller Homes believes that the design and construction process is the foundation upon which your entire custom home building experience is built.  Here are some highlights of our time-tested and proven design and construction processes.

When you begin to contemplate the home building process, this is typically the sequence of events:”


Evaluate your overall budget and financing needs.  Be sure to work with a lender that is well-versed and experienced with construction lending.  

Selecting a Lot & Feasibility Study

Evaluate your lot requirements to ensure that the lot is not only buildable, but that the costs of getting the site ready for construction are within your budget.  A feasibility study is the best way to ensure that the lot location is well-suited for the type of home you want to build and your budget.

Selecting Your Builder & Architect

Consider the type of construction, previous builds, quality of work and business processes of the builder you want to work with in the coming months.  Utilize our checklists or download the book to ensure you make an informed decision.

Plans & Design

Be sure that you have selected an architect and a builder that can collaboratively create plans and a design that meets your goals and your budget.

Detailed Specifications

Contract either the architect or a builder to complete a detailed set of drawings and specifications to ensure an apples to apples comparison and avoid surprises and confusion.


The saying “It’s Too Good to be True” is worth its weight in gold. If one builder’s price is 5-8% different than another’s – it’s probably too good to be true OR there is something wrong. The reality is that if all things are equal (and often that is a BIG if), each builder’s pricing structure should be relatively close.  Detailed specifications  can help you avoid a big gap in pricing.  Ensure that the designs and budget are aligned, consider value-engineering options to ensure that the finished project will meet your desired goals.


Local and state jurisdictions have different permitting requirements and fees.  If you are located on a waterfront lot, it's vital to have a builder that understands these complexities.  Be aware that the site requirements and feasibility engineering will impact the length of time required to obtain building permits.


Enter into a formal agreement with your builder of choice. The construction process is outlined further below.


Our state-of-the-art technology platform enhances your experience by serving as the hub for all communication.  Everyone on the team can access information about the project, from their phone.  This often includes weekly progress photos, budget and financial reports, job costing and change orders, selections and allowances, and more.  We have invested in this technology because we feel it truly enhances the overall customer experience.

construction schedule technology

The Construction Process

Our construction process begins a collaborative design process.  We assemble a team to discuss your desired goals and value-engineer any requirements to ensure the project can be built within the desired budget.  Once the construction agreement is signed, we will produce a complete construction schedule using our comprehensive technology platform. 

There are some basic phases included in every project that must be accomplished in an orderly fashion.  Our construction process for luxury homes typically includes the following phases of construction:

  1. Site Planning, Design & Budgeting
  2. Permitting
  3. Footings, Foundation & Framing
  4. Rough-Ins for Mechanical, Electric & Plumbing
  5. Insulation & Drywall
  6. Doors, Trim & Millwork
  7. Tilework & Flooring
  8. Electric & Smart Home Systems
  9. Paint
  10. Fixture & Appliances
  11. Punch Out
  12. Completion
Learn more about the design and construction process by reading the book, Designing & Building Your Custom Dream Home.