Design Process

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At Mueller Homes, we work in collaboration with talented architects and designers to craft distinctive luxury custom homes to complement your lifestyle.  We can help you select an architect or work with plans that have already been completed.  Our custom home design process helps clients achieve their ideal dream home within their budget, in an effective and efficient way. This has proven to be a reliable process that has produced great results by systematically moving through the planning and design process in preparation for construction. Each step is structured to move you through the process without jumping around, and in the order that makes the most sense. By dealing with the specific objective of each step, and establishing target dates to complete each step, we are able to stay focused on the task at hand, and keep the entire process moving on schedule.

For over 40 years, Mueller Homes has developed a proprietary Custom Home Design Process, which includes the following:

1. LOT SELECTION & EVALUATION – As you begin to contemplate building a home, the lot selection process becomes paramount and there are a number of factors that must be considered.  Does your Realtor have experience with contracts for raw land?  Can you build the size and type of home you desire?  Will local regulations impact the overall costs and permitting timelines?  Is the lot located near forest preservation or critical areas of the Chesapeake Bay?  And finally, before you finalize any contract on a lot, we can help ensure that a feasibility study is performed, so you know you’re making a wise investment.

2.  PRELIMINARY DESIGN – The next step in the process is to develop the preliminary designs, elevations, and floor plans.  This design process is typically performed with the builder and architect collaboratively to ensure that design and budget considerations are reviewed and factored into the preliminary design.  We take great pride in our reputation for collaborating effectively with some of the most respected architects, working together as a team to craft your dream home.  If you need help selecting an architect, we can certainly make recommendations based on our experience and relationships with some of the area’s most well-respected architects.

3.  DETAILED DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS – Before we estimate your project, we work with you and/or your architect to create a detailed list of design specifications.   These conversations help us to understand your vision and ensure that you are able to make informed decisions about the type of quality and materials used in your new home.   In addition, a detailed list of design specifications allows us to accurately estimate construction costs and to determine if any changes are necessary to maintain your original design and budget objectives.

4. COMPLETE CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS – With preliminary plans and specifications in place, the architect or design team will produce a working set of drawings. These drawings will enable us to consider and resolve the final architectural and engineering aspects of your home and prepare us for final construction planning and permitting.

5.  CONSTRUCTION PLANNING & BUILDING AGREEMENT – At this point, a Building Agreement is executed and we begin to finalize all the construction documents, permitting, and site planning.  At this time, additional selections may be required to help ensure that the overall budget is still aligned with the final design concepts.

6.  SECURE FINANCING & PERMITS  – With the Building Agreement and blueprints completed, we are equipped and prepared to assist you in finalizing any appropriate financing and secure the required building permits for construction.

7.  CONSTRUCTION BEGINS – With planning, design, financing, and permits in place, we begin the exciting process of construction!  Your team will discuss the project schedule, special order items, the importance of making selections in a timely manner, and any other considerations that may impact timelines.   We will also introduce you to the team members who will working with you throughout the course of construction.

Mueller Homes custom home design process allows us to build award-winning homes year after year!  Most importantly, this process allows us to create a memorable and rewarding custom home building experience for you – our client!