Building a Waterfront Home with Energy Efficiency

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Building a Waterfront Home with Energy Efficiency

Everyone wants to live on the water in Maryland.  The Chesapeake Bay has a lot to offer!  So, when we begin building a waterfront home, energy efficiency is often an important part of the considerations and discussions.  Waterfront homes are dramatically impacted by weather and the full four seasons we experience here in Maryland. It’s important to consider the energy-efficiency aspects during the design phase of any custom home building project.  After all, most homeowners want to help the environment, save money, while complying with the critical area guidelines of the Chesapeake Bay. This article explores some of the the top energy-efficient considerations for waterfront custom homes.

Invest in the Right Windows

Having a waterfront lot allows you to take advantage of the beautiful views of the Chesapeake Bay and it’s tributaries and the number one way to do this is by incorporating windows at every opportunity.  However, incoming sunlight can easily impact the temperature of your home and potentially damage furniture and flooring. It is always a good idea to invest in great windows, but the impact of your window selections is more important for waterfront properties. The energy performance rating for windows can be measured by the U-value, which generally falls between .20 and 1.20. The U-value tells you how much heat is lost or gained through your windows. The lower the rate, the more energy-efficient your window should be. For waterfront custom homes, installing windows with suitable materials can make your home more energy efficient.  You’ll want to ensure that the product is treated to withstand the elements over time.

The Doors Have It

When it comes to being energy efficient, the doors in your home are just as important as the windows. Heat and cool air can pass through the gaps of your doorways, requiring more energy to control your home’s temperature. Houses built on the waterfront often experience harsh winds and temperatures. Adequately installed doors help prevent air leakage and keep your home energy efficient.  Go big or go home is the recent trend for doors because nothing makes a statement like a beautiful entry door. Sidelights and transoms can also add beautiful design elements, but they too, should be energy efficient in a waterfront custom home.

UV Protection for Waterfront Homes

When building a waterfront home, the selections and design considerations may also utilize special window screens, automated window blinds, and even UV tint to reduce the damage caused by the sun’s rays.  For a beach house, a retractable awning can be decorative as well as functional for patios and decks.  Homeowners can choose from a variety of materials, colors, and patterns that all require minimal maintenance.

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