How to Locate a Reputable Builder

how to locate a reputable builder

How to Locate a Reputable Builder

When you begin the custom home building process, obviously the most important selection you will make is choosing a reputable builder.  The internet is full of horror stories and the home improvement industry, as a whole, is rampant with complaints.  Unfortunately for some, choosing a builder comes down to cost.  While cost is certainly an important factor, you will likely be disappointed in the home building process if you make your selection based on a bid.  Use our checklists to interview your builder and builder’s references.

At Mueller Homes, our primary mission is to provide a quality home and an experience that is pleasant and memorable.  So, before you select a builder, here are some tips to help you navigate the selection process:

Research the Builder

Do they have a website? Does it have photos of their work?  How many team members do they have and what are their areas of responsibility?  Does this seem like enough staff to support a home building project?  If they work with sub-contractors, can they provide references?  How long have they worked with their sub-contractors?  Can they provide trade or supplier references?  Check out these references.


Is the builder competent and capable of providing an accurate estimate and detailed scope of work? Are they willing to enter into a contract where these figures are utilized, and the detailed specifications are outlined?


Utilize Google, Facebook, and BBB to search for reviews from past clients. Are the reviews favorable?  Do any negative reviews provide insight as to what may lie ahead?  Is the builder in good-standing with the State of Maryland?  Check here.

Trust Your Gut

Often, when we interview or meet people, we get a first impression or a gut feeling about them.  Trust your gut!  You are getting ready to enter a long-term relationship with the builder, so if you don’t like them, or you don’t see eye to eye, it will have a huge impact on your entire building experience.


Work with a builder whom you trust and share similar values. This will be invaluable as you navigate the relationship and home building process.  Often, the builder will be required to make judgment calls as challenges arise throughout the construction process.  Knowing that your builder shares your common values will help both of you sleep easier.

Contact Mueller Homes today to begin the journey of handcrafting a home to meet your lifestyle!

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