7 Questions to Ask Before You Select A Luxury Home Builder

7 Questions to Ask Before You Select A Luxury Home Builder

Building a custom luxury home is an accomplishment that, for many families, represents a particular lifestyle, level of status, and achievement. For many, it is a once in a lifetime experience and perhaps one of the most significant single investments you may make. So, deciding on which Luxury Home Builder you will be making this investment with, is a big one!

We believe the luxury home builder selection process should be given the same careful consideration as any other long-term relationship. Once your choice is made, it’s going to take a lot of hard work, good communication, and flexibility to create and maintain that relationship. Unfortunately, a relationship gone bad may create ill-will, may be challenging to terminate, and can cost a lot more than expected. If the relationship is built upon a solid foundation with a clear set of goals and mutual respect for one another, the chances for success are significantly increased and the overall experience can be extremely  rewarding.

The custom home building experience is dramatically impacted by the builder you choose to work with.  The reputation and integrity of your luxury home builder speaks volumes. You will want to answer these basic questions before moving forward with any builder:

  1. Do I like the builder?
  2. Is the builder someone I will enjoy working with?
  3. Does the builder have experience with the type of home I’d like to build?
  4. What do past clients and on-line reviews have to say about the builder/building experience?
  5. What kind of processes does the builder have to ensure the construction stays on-time and on-budget?
  6. Is your builder a good businessman, as well as a good builder? Are his vendors paid on-time?
  7. Has your builder seen his business through good, bad, up and down markets?

We have provided a complete checklist of questions you may want to consider asking your builder.  There are also checklists for builder references, the architect, and the lender.  If you are thinking about building your once-in-a-lifetime custom luxury home, be sure to download our FREE book: “Designing & Building Your Custom Dream Home: How to Create an Experience You’ll Love to Remember” or visit our website at MuellerHomes.com

Mueller Homes is proud member of the National Association of Home Builders and the Maryland Building Industry Association.

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