What You Need to Know About Builder Warranties

custom home builder warranties

What You Need to Know About Builder Warranties

When evaluating potential builders to build your custom home, it is important to understand a little bit about builder warranties.  Not only do you want to understand the type of warranty your builder offers, you want to understand how they honor them.

You are likely going to be interacting with your builder, about your home, for many years to come. So, you’ll want to be certain that not only are they prepared to respond to your requests, but that they have a warranty policy or process in place to support you for years to come.  First, it’s important to realize that builder warranties vary by company.  Some builders will provide warranties that are simply a duplication of manufacturer warranties, while other builders provide a service warranty option for service and maintenance.  Remember too, that manufacturer’s warranties change, from time to time.

Each custom home builder typically has specific policies so, it’s important to understand the difference between one builder’s policies and another.  It’s also a good time to understand how the builder handles issues, even after the house is built. This can be a pretty good indicator of the builder’s overall philosophy, business model, and how they handle challenges.

Be sure to include builder warranties as a conversation point in your discussion with the builder, and in your list of reference questions. Every home will have a need for service from time to time, but the sign of a great company is how they respond to service, long after the sale is complete.

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