Which Comes First: The Builder or the Architect?

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Which Comes First: The Builder or the Architect?

When you’re beginning the custom home building process in Maryland, many clients wonder, “Which Comes First:  The Builder or the Architect?” Just like the proverbial “chicken and egg,” there are a variety of different perspectives, answers, and opinions.  However, at Mueller Homes, we focus on providing a rewarding and memorable building experience, so we believe the answer is clear.  The builder and architect must work collaboratively to ensure the custom home meets the vision and budgetary needs of the client.  In other words, neither the builder or architect comes first – they must work together.  Here is a story to help explain why this is so important.

Mike and Janine met with a local architect to begin the design process.  They discussed their budget, wants and needs.  They gathered ideas from Pinterest, magazines, family and friends to formulate their ‘dream home concept.’  They went through revision after revision to ensure that every room and every detail of their new home was exactly what they wanted.  With plans in hand, they began setting up meetings with local builders to begin the construction process.  After meeting with four different builders, they realized that their dream concept was approximately 40% over their original budget.

This story demonstrates the importance of having the architect and builder involved early in the design process.  This type of collaboration is key to value-engineering the design, as the project moves forward versus re-designs after the project is bid. It is also important to remember that the architect and/or designer is generally responsible for the aesthetics and design of the home while the builder is responsible for the costs and construction.  This means that the builder is an integral part of the design process to ensure that the designs are feasible for the desired budget.  Often, the builder can make recommendations throughout the design process to value engineering of the project to accomplish the desired results.

At Mueller Homes, we take pride in our ability to work collaboratively with the architect to provide a rewarding and memorable building experience.  We are also a proud member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Chesapeake Bay Chapter and would be happy to help you select an architect in Maryland that can bring your vision to life.  We invite you to download the checklists too, to help you narrow down your architect.

Contact Mueller Homes today so we can help you begin designing the luxury home of your dreams.

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