Cost Per Square Foot for a Custom Home in Maryland

What is the Cost Per Square Foot for a Custom Home in Maryland?

Many people ask the question, “What is the Cost Per Square Foot for a Custom Home
Whats up annapolis magazine feb 2022

Mueller Homes Featured in What’s Up Magazine

In a feature titled, “Transitional Luxe on Mill Creek,” What’s Up Magazine highlighted the latest collaboration
couple looking at feasibility study before purchasing a lot

Why Bids Are So Far Apart?

When you begin the process of building a home in Maryland, you have likely met with
beautiful custom home kitchen

Custom Home Budgets – Too Good To Be True?

When you’re building a custom home in Maryland and bidding the project, it is always tempting

Are Your Custom Home Building Specifications Detailed or Vague?

When you begin the journey of building a custom home, it can be an exciting process! 
custom home builder warranties

What You Need to Know About Builder Warranties

When evaluating potential builders to build your custom home, it is important to understand a little
questions to ask builder references

Questions to Ask Builder References

When you decide to build a custom home, choosing your builder is the most important decision
Mueller Homes meeting with custom home building clients in Maryland

Expectations When Building a Custom Home

When you’re building a custom home, expectations may be high.  Expectations are defined as, “a belief

How Many Builders Should You Get to Price Your Custom Home?

When you are building a custom home, you no doubt want to ensure you are getting
how to compare custom home builders pricing

Comparing Custom Home Builders and Pricing

Are you beginning the journey of building a custom home, interviewing custom home builders, and selecting