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Change Orders When Building a Custom Home

The inherent nature of the custom home building process is to accommodate change orders as the
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Energy-Efficient Projects for Waterfront Homes

As a waterfront homeowner, you may notice how the weather dramatically impacts your home. Most waterfront
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Why Are My Construction Bids Are So Far Apart?

When you begin the process of building a home, you have likely met with an architect,

Your Luxury Custom Home Builder Should Excel At This!

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Custom Home Budgets – Too Good To Be True?

When you’re building a custom home, and bidding the project, it is always tempting to go

7 Questions to Ask Before You Select A Luxury Home Builder

Building a custom luxury home is an accomplishment that, for many families, represents a particular lifestyle,
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Why Cost Can Be An Elusive Selection Tool 

Cost is always a factor that is considered when selecting the lot, the home design, the
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Your Builder’s Business Model Matters

Selecting the right builder is extremely important. There are far too many stories where the decision

3 Things Your Custom Home Builder Should Know and Do

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What Type of Home Builder Do You Need?

What type of home builder do you need?  It’s hard not to answer this question with