Teardown & Rebuild in Queenstown

This project was originally featured in the November 2022 issue of What’s Up Annapolis Magazine. Excerpts from that story are included here and were written by Lisa J. Gotto with photography by Stephen Buchanan.

Assembling The Team

Mueller Homes worked collaboratively with this couple and architect Purple Cherry, to renovate a beautiful property on the banks of the Wye River.  The original structure was entirely redesigned and now serves as the family’s family retreat and “forever home” complemented by transitional design elements that will remain timeless.

The Client’s Vision

The original 1986 rancher had the perfect location, but was far from the dream home the couple desired.  It would take a complete redesign to accomplish what they desired and the end result is nothing short of amazing.  

“Working with Jim [our Project Manager] at Mueller was incredible. 
He knew our high expectations and what was acceptable and what wasn’t. His team was able to execute our vision to perfection.” 


Location &  Deconstruction

When the clients began  searching for the perfect spot to build their second, and ultimately forever home, they had some specific criteria.  The property needed to have deep water, opportunities for fruitful fishing, and no more than 3 hours from their primary residence in Pennsylvania.  They often checked in at various Eastern Shore points when making trips to the beach.  They found the area scenically appealing and the people warm and welcoming.  They located the property along the Wye River and it checked off most items on their list.   

Unfortunately, the home that came with the property was lacking in almost every way.  The existing home was demo-ed and deconstructed board-by-board.  Its collective parts would be salvaged and donated accordingly amongst several reclamation agencies.  Then they enlisted the guidance of Purple Cherry Architects and Mueller Homes to begin the journey of building their dream home.

Designing Every Aspect of the Home for Living

While every custom home is unique, this house is “very reflective of exactly what the homeowners desired,” according to the team at Purple Cherry.   The homeowners wanted to create a dwelling that would act like a magnet to bring their college-age sons back for years to come.  In addition, the design needed to reflect her love of cooking, his desire to replicate a cherished home office, her passion for painting and art, and their shared dream of a forever home that would age along with them but retain a transitional vibe for their sons and guests.  The final design included living space for their grown children and their friends to enjoy without ever feeling like they were intruding.  This design concept would also accomplish a totally ADA-compliant style of living on the first floor to allow them to utilize every aspect of the home for years to come.  

Getting the Guests Out of the Kitchen

“I made it clear that I love to entertain, but I didn’t want everyone congregating in my kitchen,” the client says. “So, that’s why we wanted an open concept with a bar off to the side of the family room.”  The bar which easily flows back into the main living and informal dining area with it’s great views of the Wye River is constructed of Walnut the create a warm English-pub feel with a modern metallic wallpaper and floating glass shelves.  The vibe is definitive.

Her Space

The second floor of the home includes an art studio that is designed as a place just for her!  The room inspires her talent for painting, scrapbooking, and sewing with prime views of the water.  It was equipped with a separate HVAC system, modified wet bar for washing paintbrushes and enhanced barrel ceiling treatments that were produced by Mueller’s in-house wood shop.

Guests & More

With three college age sons, they wanted to attract not only their kids and their friends but also any future extended family members.  So, the bedrooms are functionally designed for maximum utility!  Mueller’s in-house wood shop created Murphy beds that hide in plain sight behind a full-height wainscot wall.  So, no matter who is staying, or how many, the smart design of the guest rooms and the casual convenience of a contemporary living space with access to a water-facing deck, makes the second floor an enviable place to stay.  

Every detail and consideration was given to the design and construction of this custom home in Queenstown, Maryland.  More details about this project can be found in the November 2022 issue of What’s Up Annapolis magazine.



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