Design & Construction Process

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Mueller Homes understands that each client has very specific needs and design preferences. That is why we offer a flexible approach to the design process. While some clients prefer the traditional Design/Build model, other clients prefer to begin the process by exploring designs with an architect. Mueller Homes is able to accommodate whatever approach works best for you with the goal of providing an extraordinary experience to every client.

Mueller Homes is dedicated to the highest standards of craftsmanship, and we utilize the best construction practices and techniques in the industry. In addition, we realize that your home is a reflection of your lifestyle, so we provide the resources you need to guide you through each decision along the way. Client satisfaction drives all of our decisions before and after the exciting process of planning, designing, and building your dream home. The following components enable Mueller to create a uniquely rewarding construction experience.

  1. Client Concierge

    Mueller Homes provides you a Client Concierge who acts as a personal assistant throughout the construction process. The Client Concierge helps coordinate the selection of materials for various phases in the building process, takes notes on the client’s behalf, schedules meetings, and keeps the client informed of current and next steps as design and construction progresses.

    Many of our clients have told us that having access to the Client Concierge is one of the most rewarding aspects of the unique services Mueller Homes provides. We believe building a custom home or luxury estate should be a gratifying and exciting adventure, and your Client Concierge helps us meet that goal with every home we build.

  2. Technology

    Mueller Homes has invested in technology that provides our clients with 24/7 access to important project information including schedules, communication from team members, design selections, photos of the progress of their home, documents, plans, and specifications. This system, called The Mueller System, keeps clients informed throughout the process, helping to ensure a rewarding, communicative experience throughout the construction process.

    In addition, Mueller Homes utilizes drones to evaluate ongoing exterior progress of the job site, provide visual information regarding site development and construction progress, and to ensure vendors have detailed information for inspection and specification purposes.

  3. Estimation

    Mueller Homes utilizes advanced software technology to provide the most precise estimation possible for your new home. This helps eliminate unexpected charges and creates extremely detailed specifications. This precision estimate becomes the platform from which the construction is orchestrated.

  4. Materials

    Energy efficiency, durability, and sustainable construction are important ingredients in a quality-built home, and part of the Mueller Homes tradition. Intelligent use of technology and environmentally friendly materials contributes to the comfort, value, and performance of every home we build.

  5. Communication

    We believe our clients should have total access to the job site. In addition to routine planned meetings with the construction director at the site, clients are welcome to come to their new home site at any time to view the progress, provided proper safety procedures are followed.

For over 25 years, Mueller Homes has refined our construction processes to provide the most rewarding experience possible to every client we serve. Handcrafting Homes for Your Lifestyle.